I was having some problems with squirrels in my yard. I thought they were also getting into my attic too. I heard some movement up there and thought that could be an explanation. I knew I wouldn’t be able to get rid of these squirrels myself and I started looking for companies that offer squirrel removal. I went online and searched for squirrel removal on Google. I got several results for different places that offered to get rid of these pests. I looked at a few different websites to see what they had to say and read some really great customer testimonials. Then I went to the Swat Wildlife website. This website contained lots of information and said they specialize in squirrel removal. I decided I would call them to see what they charge for their services.

They said they couldn’t give me a price over the phone, but they could have someone come and see how bad the problem is and then we could go from there. I went ahead and set up the appointment for the next evening after work. In the meantime, I heard more noises coming from the attic and I knew the squirrels had gotten in there. The next night when Swat Wildlife arrived, I told them about the squirrels in the yard and how I think they are now in my attic. They asked me how to get to the attic and I showed them. They determined the squirrels were definitely up there.

They said they would need to get rid of those squirrels and the ones in the yard because they could get into our home too. I asked them how much this would cost and they gave me the price. I really didn’t think it was all that expensive so I went ahead and hired them to get rid of the squirrels. It didn’t take Swat Wildlife long to eliminate the squirrels from my home. They were then able to get rid of the ones in my yard since there were lots of them. They said when it starts getting cooler outside, they look for ways to get warm and that’s how they end up in your home. They also said the other squirrels could have been in there and may try to get back in there.

They said that’s why they had to get rid of the other ones. Finally after several traps were set, the squirrels from my yard were gone. The problem was solved for now and I had to find a way to seal up the hole the squirrels got in the house from. Swat Wildlife helped me tremendously and I will call them again with any pest problems or animal control problems I have in the future. They worked hard to get rid of the squirrels and didn’t stop until they caught them all. I will also let others know about them if they need to have animals removed from their property.

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